Hyacinth's Tragedy

Ch. Hydabrek's Hyacinth Bucket, pronounced Hyacinth BouquetIt have been many years since Hyacinth’s death and I am still being asked about her and for links about her story. It is nice, I suppose, she is still being remembered even to this day. I haven’t forgotten about her in the least. Time does heal but it does take a very long time.

At the time I wrote about her and the events surrounding her death. I found it to be helpful in my healing process. If you have lost someone close to you, I highly recommend it, it really did help.

My dog was attacked by another dog while in the care of a “professional” dog conformation show handler near Toronto, Ontario while I was living in Winnipeg, Manitoba. So there was a good amount of physical distance between me and my dog but the gaps in time between getting any morsel of information from the handler after the event was the hardest to take at the time. I felt there was an attempt to sweep this all under the table and I found that to be incredibly hard to deal with. It was becoming ridiculous to the point where people, myself included, were calling this all “Hyacinth’s Saga”.

If you are interesting in reading more about Hyacinth tragic demise, I have assembled some writings you may be interested in:

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Other Stories of Interest about Hyacinth and her Tragic Death

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The club I beloved to and still do, wrote a nice editorial about Hyacinth. Very thoughtful and much appreciated.

Conspiracy theory: Hyacinth Bucket was stolen

There were a number of people I talked to who suspected my dog was stolen and there was a cover-up to hide the truth she was actually still alive. I provide some good arguments to hopefully dispel this theory.

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