December 22, 2008

41 days and counting...

Forty-one days today and counting, still no sign of Hyacinth’s ashes. I am hearing from everyone else but Norm himself.

What conclusions am I suppose to draw at this point?

All I can think of right now is how it is affecting me emotionally and how all this feels. It feels ugly.

Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs


  1. totally unbelievable juanita not to mention inexcusable. i have followed this since day one, and even i am utterly disgusted.
    no one wishes for something like this to get ugly... but in all honesty, if this were me, it would have gotten uglier a lot sooner. you have had a ton of patience with this, patience that should have been worn thin long ago.

  2. Thank you for you kind comment; I am feeling encouraged by it and supported.