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Tuesday, January 1

Happy New Year and All the Best in 2013!

Dear friends,

Thank you for visiting Pretty In Pink Dogs Blog website and your continued visits. We wish you a Happy New Year!

2013 will be a year of changes for us here. One major change has been the addition of a new two-legged family member recently and he will be joining us on our many adventures.

Another major change starting this year will be more stories about other dogs and breeds. We will also be featuring wider range of topics including dog related books, products, events, issues, and news. We will also be interviewing authors, experts, and person/dogs of interest.

We are really looking forward to changing things up and we hope you too will enjoy the change.

From us to you and your family, we wish you good health, good fortune, and all the very best life has to offer in this new and exciting year. May 2013 be a great year for you. Thank you for visiting and follow us by joining our website.

Pretty In Pink Dogs

Saturday, December 29

Happy Christmas from Cali

Thanks Cali's mom for sending in a photo of Cali. A beautiful Christmas photo of her no less.

Cali is one of Caillee's daughters who lives near Toronto, Ont.. She has been a very good this year.

Please keep us updated.

Friday, December 28

Making a Come Back and Introducing Baby Quinn...

Hello World, sorry we haven't been online for a really long time. To say we have been busy would be totally understating thing greatly.

For most of the beginning of the year, your main editor, me, has been very ill. After realizing why, I got busy preparing for a new arrival, the two legged variety!

My husband and I needed to do all sorts of preparing: prepare a baby room, think of names for the possibility of either a boy or girl, acquire things for a baby, get books about babies.... The list was endless.

Even when the month came, I still didn't feel prepared or ready.

He is Quinn, in a little Santa suit.

My dogs at first we very interested in him... Sniffing him and checking him out. They have since accepted him and take no mind of him. I do remember Caillee getting a bit jealous of him but I tried to give her lots of attention and it would appear she has since gotten over it.

Tuesday, November 6

Happy Birthday Josie

Happy 11th birthday Josie. I hope your day is the very best day ever and everyone treats you like a queen. Oh wait, you are already treated like a queen; so I guess this day won't be too different for you then. I hope you at least get an extra yummy treat today.

Friday, September 7

My Dog Did What?

One time my husband was walking one of my *small* dogs and the dog decided to start pooping one some guy's lawn. My husband, "Good Man", had a bag at the ready when the owner of the house comes storming out and excusing our dog of making this *gigantic-size load*  on the other side of his lawn he was pointing at. This load was 1/2 the size of my whole dog (Bolognese), the logs were the width of my dog's furry legs, I suspect this load belong to a horse-sized dog! My husband replied "I'd paid to see that". The owner then noticed my husband picking up mini-carrot sized poop and starting back pedaling where he was going with his accusations - they parted on good terms laughing.

Monday, August 6

Oliver's Buddy Ryder Stays for a Visit

We have a guest living with us for a very short while and his name is Ryder. A friend of mine who is still showing him at conformation dog shows needed some help while she was away. She needed someone to take care of him who knew how to take care of his coat.

So the first day was interesting because he had to get used to me, my Hubby, the doggie pack who lives here, and ‘the cat’. It didn’t take him long to adjust and now he is running around the living room with Oliver.

Oh what fun he is having with cat. I believe and I am not positive, this may be his first experience with cats. The cat in his kitty ways just rolls his eyes at this new fur ball in the house, while Ryder wags his tail hard in the ‘play with me’ posture. Sometimes Ryder tries to chance the cat only to get a good swat on the head. Don’t worry Ryder, when it comes to swats on the head from this cat, you are in company.

Ryder tried out his masculine wilds on Caillee, he won’t be doing that again. There is more fish in the sea little guy.

So far, Ryder looks like he is enjoying himself, eating well, and all around looks happy. Ryder, you do know you have to go back right? :-)

Sunday, July 29

Oliver Doing Some Meeting and Greeting

Oliver accompanied his mom while she helped manned the St. Catharines and District Kennel & Obeidence Club booth at the 2012 Niagara Dog Fest. Oliver got to meet and be petted by lots of wonderful people who stopped by the booth.

Oliver at the booth ready to help out. Photo taken by Glenn Connell. 

Oliver enjoying his close-up taken. Photo taken by Glenn Connell
Oliver checking out the pretty Lhasa Apso female on the right. Photo taken by Glenn Connell.
I think poor Oliver had enough for today.

Hi Guys, sorry we have been off line for a while. Mom/Editor had been a bit sick for a while and things are all better now. Thanks for hanging in there with us. We hope to be back in full swing soon.

Saturday, March 3

Big Hello from Cali

Hello Cali, it is so nice to hear from you. So what are you smiling about; care to share?

Thank you Cali's mom for sending a wonderful photo of Cali. Please give her an extra hugs and kisses.

Thursday, January 19

Caillee looking for a good time.

"Josie, wana play?"

"Come one Josie, play with me!"

Please someone play with me.

Wednesday, January 18

Interview with Josie, Snacking Allegations

Josie Devine's Interview.

Interviewer: "How are you today?"

Josie: "I'm ok but they have me starving all the time".

Interviewer: "Oh really, how is that?"

Josie: "They give me these yucky kibble often covered in sauce, while they have more yummy looking food like chicken, pasta, chips, carrots, and so many other yummy looking food."

Interviewer: "From what I hear you have an insider who 'hooks you up' with all these 'yummy foods' on the side."

Josie: "I don't know who your sources are but they're wrong. I have no such person.... This interview is OVER!"

Tuesday, January 17

We're Just Peeking out the Door

What we have here are three little doggies peeking to see what's going on just outside their front door. These guys know they are not allowed to step past the door frame while people come and go.

One day I had the door open and all three of them were standing side by side looking out the door and thought to myself, I really must get a photo of them doing that again from the other side, the front side.

Who know what's got these guys attentions but whatever it was, it sure does seem interesting.

Monday, January 16

Cleaning the house is Hard Work!

Who knew cleaning the house is such hard work? It's only 9 am and I am already pooped! I think I am going to lay down here and just relax and supervise the work from right here.

You missed a spot.

Sunday, January 15

Dogs helping to make the bed

"We thought mom needed lots of company while making the bed." Caillee.

Making the bed each morning can be a bit tricky. Let us say there may be two dogs on the bed and I tell them to get off, they do, then the third one comes by and thinking the bed is free for lounging. I tell that dog to get off while the other ones are jumping back one seeing the third one on the bed. It can be kind of fun and interesting making the bed each morning.

Today I thought I would make the bed while the dogs were still on the bed and make the bed around them. Josie found herself way tucked in between the bed spread and she found her way out in a hurry. Oliver found himself under the blanket and he too found his way out pretty fast. Caillee was smart enough to keep moving around the bed until I was done. I finished making the bed in no time and I still had fun doing it.

Saturday, January 14

Happy Birthday Kevin...

Happy Birthday Kevin!

We've been prettied up for Kevin's Birthday open house. We are expecting treats from every visitor. Josie says she would like some bacon but thinks chicken will do in a pinch. Caillee will take anything you got! Oliver thinks this whole visitor/treat wish list is very silly. Josie yells over to Oliver and tells him to shut-up and learn from a master.

Wednesday, January 4

Lucy and Roland Came for a Super Quick Visit

Here is Lucy and Roland poses ever so nicely for a photo op.

This was Roland's first visit to our house and he got to meet Oliver and Caillee. Josie was pre-occupied with hubby.

Lucy got to meet Oliver and Caillee again. She looked so tiny in comparison to Oliver but as I kept pointing out, Oliver has tons of hair, and when I flatten his hair down you can see he isn't such a big boy after all.

Lucy's mom and I were tinkled pink Lucy seemed to have totally remembered hubby. She seemed so excited to see him again and seemed so very at home in his lap.

Hubby picked up Roland and he seemed totally at home in his arms. I think Hubby may have a way with puppies...

Here is Oliver getting in the way of me taking more photos of Lucy and Roland.

Here is Lucy and Roland saying good-bye in their winter gear. MG7XH3CC7N5S

Tuesday, January 3

Tuesday, December 20

Merry Christmas from the Pretty In Pink Dogs Gang!

Merry Christmas...
from Caillee, Josie, and Oliver

Photo was taken at Pet Smart as a fund raiser for, Niagara Greyhound Adoption Inc. Thanks guys, my puppies sure do look swell...

Thursday, December 8

This Bag Smells Good!

Hmm... This bag smells really good
"I think I will just get inside here"
If I don't come out for days, will anyone come and find me?

Wednesday, December 7

Look What We Found in the Dog Food Bag...

Josie would like to have you believe we found her in this very large dog food bag but what really happened was we noticed the empty bag laying on the floor moved. After a bit of investigating, we discovered Josie licking any little bit of left over yummy goodness out of the bag.

Tuesday, December 6

Doggie Helped put Together some Christmas Auction Items

Caillee, Oliver, and Josie helped put together some cute little Christmas packages.

Members of the St. Catharines and District Kennel & Obedience Club hold a Christmas fund raiser where members bring in new or slightly used items to be auctioned off. Funds raised will be donated to a local charity. This year's beneficiary is Community Care, our donations will be directed to help families in need who have pet(s).

Community Care, St. Catharines and Thorold, distribute food, good used clothing, and small household articles to residents facing financial challenges. They offer limited assistance for dental/vision care and utility bills. Their Christmas department provides new toys and grocery vouchers. They offer a number of other programs you may wish to check out at

Our little gang decided to make "Afternoon Christmas Packages" for the club to auction off. Each package includes a new doggie toy, some doggie treats, and some human treats as well.
Here are some sample doggie toys included in each package

Here Oliver is checking out the toys...

Josie has decided that really all these toys belong to her.

Caillee has discovered there are treats in these packages and perhaps she should have one.

Oliver helps out with the packing.

There are now seven "Afternoon Christmas Packages" ready to be auctioned off.
Thanks guys, I wouldn't have been able to get all these gifts ready to go in time.

Monday, December 5

Santa's Little Helpers

Caillee, Oliver, and Josie have been very busy helping Santa this year...
This package is ready to go for a very special person. Oliver, won't you give us a hint?

Josie, is there anything good in that package? A bone perhaps? Does it even have your name on it? Just because you place your name on it does not make it yours.

Tuesday, November 22

Interview: About How Breed-Specific Legislation Does Not Work

Victoria Stilwell was interviewed by Unleash Magazine at last month's Boxerstock event outside Atlanta and discussed breed-specific legislation.

Good interview about how Breed-Specific Legislation does not work. Pit-bulls are the current flavour of hated breeds in Ontario and unfortunately, the wrong end of the leash is being punished. Good dogs don't come out of a box that way; good dogs are trained.

Sunday, November 6

Josie's 10th Birthday

Happy 10th Birthday to Josie. I still remember when she was a puppy. One of the first photos I took of her, I put her on a shelf in our entertainment unit. I thought it would be amusing to make it look like she was one of the statues on display.

~ Hubby
Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs

Tuesday, November 1

Lucy and Rolan were all dressed up for Halloween!

This is Lucy, the very unhappy, unimpressed bumblebee. She spent the morning sulking in a corner. Then there is Rolan, the somewhat bewildered little boy, who then proceeds to hide in his crate for the remainder of the morning.

The kids loved seeing them, even if they didn't love being seen!

Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs