September 6, 2006

Adventures at the Spruce Woods Provincial Park 1

Originally uploaded by Pretty In Pink Dogs.

Here is Josie, my husband and our two boarders, Sasha & Hsin-Mo, starting out on our hike through Spirit Sands at the Spruce Wood Provincial Park near Carberry Manitoba. I am behind the camera. After our hike we plan to have a picnic and perhaps do so more hiking.

Josie, where’s Caillee?
“Mommy said that Caillee is working this weekend at a dogs show. Working? What am I doing? Mom, I am working don’t you know! I round everyone together; I make sure everyone stays close; I lead the group through the park; and I fend off predators if they get too close. So you see, I work even harder then your little Caillee girl.” (Josie)


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