January 7, 2009

Hyacinth Bucket's Saga - Part III - What happened?

People keep asking me “What happen?”. How did your beautifuly Havanese girl die? The truth is I don’t know. I don’t think I will ever know what really happened and I have resigned to the thought, the idea, that I will never truly know. All I know for sure is that on November 11 at about 1:30ish pm central, 2:30 eastern, I received a call from Norm telling me that he has some bad news to tell me; it’s a phone call I won’t soon forget. Norm begins by telling me that he has some bad news. ok, I replied. He said that he that he didn’t know how Hyacinth got out of her run. My first thought was ok so go find her, then my thoughts immediately starting jumping to all sorts of possible conclusions to that statement. Ok I finally replied again. He then said he didn’t know how she got into another dog’s run. I was silent has my heart dropped and I braced myself for what could possibly come next after a statement like that. Norm carried on with his story; he said that there was a dog already in the run; a Shar Pei he added. The Shar Pei killed her he continued.

At that moment my world turned up-side-down. It eyes poured like Niagara Falls as I whaled with grief on the phone. He was silent as I cried uncontrollably. The phone call continued, he said that he would refund my deposit right away. He asked if I still have the mother and if she was still open; and that he would pay Hyacinth's stud owner for a repeat breeding, so I could try to get her back. Even then I couldn’t believe he would even talk or suggest any compensation after just telling me my dog died in his care. My dog died - give me a moment. Those sorts of conversions are best left for another day and not when someone is having an emotional meltdown.

Thinking about that later.... A repeat breeding? Try to get her back? What was he thinking? Hyacinth Bucket is no more and nothing is going to get her back. She was first my loving pet and a show dog second, and future breeding bitch. As an adult show dog with a successful show career with many health tests already done and passed; and a bright and exciting future ahead of her.

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    1. that disgusts me.
      my stomach is turning.
      it angers me even more to hear that A) he could quiet your crying by buying you another litter. and B) it angers me even more to think that you can just "make a new hyacinth"
      totally repulsive!