November 29, 2008

Conspiracy theory: Hyacinth Bucket was stolen

Some people have suggested that my Canadian championed Havanese may not have died but may have been stolen.

Next Tuesday will be three weeks since Hyacinth’s demise and I still have not received her ashes which doesn’t help to dispel this theory.

Known: November 11, I received a call from the professional handler who was showing my Hyacinth Bucket in the United States so she could earn her American championship telling me that she had died. They were between shows at his kennel. On the phone he explained that he didn’t know how she got out of her run and into another dog’s run where she was then attacked by a Shar Pei who was in that particular run. More...

As much as I would like this conspiracy theory of Hyacinth Bucket was stolen to be true because it would mean that she is still alive and there is hope of her return in the event that she is found. Unfortunately I feel this conspiracy theory lacks merit for the following reasons:

My husband made me call the vet office she may have been taken to for cremation to see if there was indeed a Havanese cremated recently, there was a Havanese puppy brought in November 20th. I have to assume this “Havanese puppy” is my Hyacinth Bucket.

The dog is micro-chipped and is registered under my name. The registration name cannot be changed without my knowledge. If someone is stupid enough to steal the dog, then they are stupid enough to get caught.

This dog has been blogged about and photographed since the day she was born. She was even used as a model within the pages of the Havanese Fanciers’ From Nose to Tail Grooming Book; Hyacinth is not the Havanese on the back cover even though she looks similar in colour to that Havanese. Therefore, the chances of this Havanese being recognized within Havanese circles is potentially higher than a not so photographed Havanese.

Suppose someone had stolen Hyacinth so they could breed their own puppies. They won’t be able to register her puppies. If you cannot register her puppies then why steal a championed Havanese?

Why steal a championed Havanese? Un-reputable breeders can find many other ways to get a hold of breeding stock without having to resort to stealing even though it is a held-fast perception.

There are a number of commercial breeders who buy and sell puppies in well organized auctions across North America. In one day, anyone can walk away with enough dogs of any sex or breed to start their very own puppy mill.

They can save a bundle by going through these auctions or by dealing directly with commercial breeders or brokers. They save even more money by not doing any health testing and making the dogs live in small cramped spaces their whole lives.

They often say that they are saving you money by not registering your purebred puppy when in fact they are required by law to register at no charge to you. Oh yeah, the main gist of “this law” is applicable in all countries across the world.

So, if you can acquire any sex of any breed and as many as you want, then why steal this one championed Havanese?

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  1. Juanita,

    you make very good points about the theft theory. and yes since she Hyacinth was online a lot and talked and blogged about she would have been "well known" to select people. The most obvious people would be havanese people. this is a horrible theory that would only be worse if it were true.
    I would suggest personally calling the crematorium selected to cremate Hyacinth, ask to speak with the Cremation Tech. who was working, perhaps they can identify her. Also, you should receive a certificate of cremationcertifying that it is in fact you dog in the urn when her cremains are returned to you. I know it is not something you probably want to think about, but whoever came up with the other theory has now made it so that either you try find out where your dog is or you make sure it is your beloved pet that is being returned to you. I would also be asking the person in charge of you dog a whole lot of questions.

  2. I agree with the comment above but i would wonder why it took 9 days to have her brought in and why it has taken so long to get her ashes back as the turn around time is only 2 or 3 days. It's horrible to think she might have been stolen but some people will do anything and they might just want a champion dog but have no plans to do anything with her. The microchip and registration wouldn't make a difference if the dog wasn't lost. I would definitely be talking to the vet and crematorium and asking why it's taking so long and if they checked the dog brought in for tattoos or microchip.