January 5, 2009

Hyacinth Bucket's Saga - Part I - No Name

Hyacinth Bucket’s ashes are finally home, exactly 50 days since her untimely and tragic death. They arrived on New Year’s Day making the new year’s eve a bit of a solemn time. It arrived via Canada Post’s Priority Courier and a signature was required.

A card was inside from the Ontario Pet Cremation Services, their cremation certificate. The cremation certificate is worthless because her name was nowhere to be found on it: neither her registered name nor her even her call name, Hyacinth. Just “Puppy”, that’s all the certificate has for a name.

Besides giving the conspirators something more to talk about, I want to make it clear that she had a name: a beautiful name and a funny one too. Her name was Ch. Hydabrek’s Hyacinth Bucket and we called her Hyacinth. I sometimes called her Hyacinth Bucket; pronounced as “Hyacinth Bouquet”. She was five days short of reaching 15 months. Hyacinth had an amazing puppy career early last year: she won Best Puppy in Show twice, won Best Puppy in Group 12 times (should have been 13 times but that's another story), and won numerous group placements. She had starting obedience training and I had such high hopes and dreams for her performance career.

She loved sleeping on the bed with me, taking walks with Josie and my hubby, playing with Caillee, and torturing the cat. She loved people, car rides, bacon, balls, and anything that squeaked.

You see the word “Puppy” doesn’t due her justice, her name should have been on the certificate. Her name deserves to be said aloud. Her name was Hyacinth.

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  1. juanita
    refuse to do nothing!
    contact the crematory and ask for records. meticulous records of all things cremated are kept. call the crematory and voice your concerns.
    the dog had a name. her name was not puppy.i would be outragged.a dog is a family member. i would feel awful to get my grandmothers cremains back only to find the card saying "granny"
    totally unacceptable.
    keep asking questions.dont give up. keep fighting.
    i did not know that people had conspiracy theories about what happened, but i guess anything is possible.

  2. Thanks for your comments. Someone suggested to me that I write to the Ontario Pet Cremation Services and include a copy to the Better Business Bureaus of my complaint.

  3. I think what I really may need to do is contact North Simcoe Vet Services in Midland Ontario and ask why they didn't scan the dog to confirm the ownership of the dog before sending the dog off to the cremation place. Plus contacing the Ontario Pet Cremation Services and the Better Business Bureaus.

    I really get your point about the card saying "granny". This is unacceptable. The more I think about it, the more it upsets me.