January 6, 2009

Hyacinth Bucket's Saga - Part II - Loved by


The next part of Hyacinth Bucket's cremation certificate, from the Ontario Pet Cremation Services, is even more upsetting, it says “Loved and Cherished Always… Norm ~”.

The first part of the cremation certificate where it only stated “puppy” as the dog’s name instead of her name was already very upsetting. Then to see the handler’s name there instead of mine makes me mad. Norm only knew her for just over a week and a bit. He was to show her in the states so she could earn her American championship title.

He didn’t cherish her; he barely knew her. Hyacinth Bucket was just another client’s dog to him. She was my dog. I cherished her. I loved her. Hyacinth was “Loved and Cherished Always…” by me – Not Norm!

There was 50 days since the first and only phone call I received from Norm (where he told me Hyacinth died) and the arrival of my dog’s ashes; and I had not heard back from him. I had sent one e-mail message asking for details on what happen and two phone calls (I left only one message). I was getting tired of his silence so I sent him a registered letter where he had to sign for it so I could feel assured that Norm indeed received my letter. I believe it is because I sent Norm a registered letter that I finally received any response back from him, a letter within the registered package of my dog’s ashes.

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