August 6, 2012

Oliver's Buddy Ryder Stays for a Visit

We have a guest living with us for a very short while and his name is Ryder. A friend of mine who is still showing him at conformation dog shows needed some help while she was away. She needed someone to take care of him who knew how to take care of his coat.

So the first day was interesting because he had to get used to me, my Hubby, the doggie pack who lives here, and ‘the cat’. It didn’t take him long to adjust and now he is running around the living room with Oliver.

Oh what fun he is having with cat. I believe and I am not positive, this may be his first experience with cats. The cat in his kitty ways just rolls his eyes at this new fur ball in the house, while Ryder wags his tail hard in the ‘play with me’ posture. Sometimes Ryder tries to chance the cat only to get a good swat on the head. Don’t worry Ryder, when it comes to swats on the head from this cat, you are in company.

Ryder tried out his masculine wilds on Caillee, he won’t be doing that again. There is more fish in the sea little guy.

So far, Ryder looks like he is enjoying himself, eating well, and all around looks happy. Ryder, you do know you have to go back right? :-)


  1. I miss you sweetie, but we are having a good time and know you are in good hands!

  2. You have a very beautiful dog! I am planning to buy one soon.

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