About Us

Hello, my name is Juanita and I am the editor on Pretty in Pink Dogs. My passion for dogs goes back as far as I can remember. I have two Havanese and I occasional breed Havanese. I am involved with exhibiting and obedience. I used to be involved with numerous other canine sports and maybe when the time permits, I hope to get back involved again. Right now my two young boys keep me very busy.

I primarily have Havanese at the moment. I used to have a Great Dane and a Bolognese. A Bolognese is a rare Italian breed recognized in Europe (FCI) and in Great Britain (The Kennel Club).

You might have heard about my dearly departed Hyacinth. She was a Havanese attacked and killed by another dog while in the care of a professional dog handler near Toronto. I wrote about her and about her death. At the time writing about her was therapeutic for me. People still ask me about her so I provided a link to those posts so it may be easier for you to find them: Hyacinth's Tragedy. Her official name was Hydabrek’s Hyacinth Bucket, “pronounced Bouquet”. Yes, there is some humour about her name and should you get to know me, you will find there is always a lining of honour about all the names of my dogs. I love humour; I love laughing.

Here are some favourite stories I have about my dogs:
Occasional I invite others to share their story.