Good Doggie Living

Caillee & JosieDogs are fun and life with dogs is more fun. There is a whole world of fun you and your dog can do together besides the usual walk in the park. There are a wide variety of canine sports you and your dog can participate in like agility, fly-ball, Frisbee, and obedience.

Fun activities for you and your dog comes in all sorts of forms: some from the comfort of your sofa to doing group doggie sports with others. There is a whole world out there beyond the neighbourhood walk!


Canine agility requires some obedience as must other sports and it is a group activity that you can do with your dog. Most people run the entire course with their dog sending through tunnels, over jumps, and weaving through poles. It can be a lot of fun for both you and your dog.

Dog Shows


Out and About:

Having fun could mean having fun anywhere.

Pet Therapy

Staying at a hospital for any length of time can be an unpleasant experience and spending some time with a fury friend can brighten anyone’s day. It can also be rewarding to the dog and his or her owner.

Rainy Days


Dealing with Wildlife