January 15, 2009

The Blue Urn

Someone the other day asked me now that I have the ashes have I decided on what to do with them? A really good question and something I only thought about briefly. Originally I wanted to have a bit of a memorial and spread her ashes at a near by pond.

We walked by this pond occasionally and I had such fond memories of Hyacinth Bucket here. Many Canadian geese gather at his open area and it is a great place to practice distraction training. Hyacinth always wanted to chase them.

Right now is -32C with an expected high of -26C, with a wind chill warning across Manitoba. It is always a winter wonderland outside and the pond is most likely frozen over by now.

I think if I could have received her ashes before December, I still could have done this. A thin layer of snow wouldn’t have mattered. Right now, I don’t want to stand outside any longer than I have to.

Another part of me doesn’t want to do anything with her ashes until everything is resolved. Another part of me just wants to keep them.

I just sucks my fur baby is in this blue urn and not beside me.

Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs


  1. juanita,
    place the urn on a shelf for now. wait until things thaw out. it is way too cold to scatter.
    i know many of my "doggie friends" have urns in their homes with a name plate or their collar drapped around the neck of the urn, one guy i know retired his dog's favorite tennis ball and it sits next the collar and urn on a shelf.
    when i was young, our golden retirver was killed at the cabin which is about 2 hours from winnipeg, she was cremated and we took some cremains home with us and scattered the others in St. Vital park, by the pond. she loved the geese too!

  2. Claire, are you in Manitoba?

  3. we spend much of our summers there. my dad is originally from winnipeg so we have a lot of family there. and we have a cabin in the whiteshell, lots of time in the summer is spent in manitoba.