January 8, 2009

Haycinth Bucket's Saga - Part IV - What Happened Continues



A few days after Hyacinth’s untimely and tragic death, maybe more, I can’t remember, I called C to chat, since she said I could call at anytime. C uses Norm as a professional show handler extensively and apparently lives very close to him. Her own daughter works for Norm. C, another Havanese breeder, was the one who insisted that I send Hyacinth to Norm so he could show Hyacinth in the states. C said that she went over to inspect his kennel and to talk to him. She told me more on what happen. According to C, Norm had done his morning chores in the kennel (I didn’t ask for any details about his morning chores) and that everything seemed fine. He left the kennel and went into his house which is on the same property to have some breakfast. She said that he said that he heard barking coming from the kennel and looked out the window. He didn’t see anything so he continued to eat his breakfast. He heard barking again and then proceeded out to the kennel to see what was happening. C said that he found her in another dog’s run, grab her and ran to the house yelling for help. When he reached the house is when they realized Hyacinth was already dead.

I didn’t hear this story from Norm, I heard it from C. It would have been better to have heard it from him.

C described the kennel, it’s an L shaped kennel. Norm keeps his own dogs in one wing and his client dog’s in the other wing. I have since learned that L shaped kennels often have dividers such as a door separating the two wings with a room of sorts between the two wings. I don’t know for certain that his kennel was set up the same way but most L shaped kennels are.

C kept going on about how his kennel is inspected every year and how clean it is. I don’t care how often his kennel is inspected or how clean it is, it is not like I am ever going to send another one of my dogs in his way to be handled again. My dog is already dead and therefore inspections and cleanliness is rather irreverent now. The conversion continued but that will be for another time.

So let us recap: First, Hyacinth not only got out of her run, somehow and unexplainable. Escaped not only from her run but also from her side of the wing into the other wing where she all of a sudden decides to pick another run to somehow and unexplainably escape into? Why? I remember Hyacinth being a bit shy to large dogs. So again I ask, why in the world would she try to get into another run while another dog, a Shar Pei (a large dog), was already in there?

  • So between eight in the morning and two-thirty in the afternoon, why did it take so long to call me?

  • How did she really get out of her run?

  • Why in the world would she have gotten into another dog’s run in the first place? And all by herself too.

What happened?

Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs


      1. didnt one of C's dogs die on the grooming table. jumped off and hung itself. presumeably it was tied up there unsupervised...

      2. Bred by but someone else own the dog who hung itself, so I understand.