April 28, 2010

What's in a Call Name?

I am stumped. I have no idea on what to call this little guy. It has to be easy, short, cute, and cool.

Possible names thus far:

  • Poseidon, after the Greek god of water
  • Leonard, after the most normal character in "The Big Bang Theory" TV series
  • Chuck, after "Chuck Bartowski" from NBC's TV series "Chuck"
  • Vicar, short for "the dishy vicar"
  • Einstein, as in "Albert Einstein"
  • Shazam, The wizard that gives "Captain Marvel" his powers (DC Comics)
  • (or) Billy Batson, the boy who becomes "Captain Marvel"
  • Spock, the Science officer on "Star Trek" (original)
  • Bones, the Doctor's nick-name on "Star Trek" (original) or the nick-name given to Temprance Brennon of the "BONES" TV series
  • Kal-El, the Kryptonian name of "Superman"
  • Clark Kent, the earth name of "Superman"
  • Oliver Queen, DC comics "Green Arrow"
  • Hal Jordan, DC comics "Green Latern"
  • J'onn J'onzz, DC comics "Martian Manhunter"
  • Justin Case, just sound it out "just-in-case" (a movie staring the late George Carlin, circa 1988)
  • Peter Parker or J. Jonah Jameson, names from "Spider-man" (Spideys alter-ego and the publisher of the Daily Bugle)
  • Hiro Nakamura, a character from NBC's drama "HEROES"
  • Archie, either Archie Bunker from "All in the Family" or Archie comics
  • Nigel
  • Basil, from Fawlty Towers
  • Gordon, as in "Flash Gordon"

Just a few name to concider, any comments?

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  1. Guess which ones were hubby's suggestions and which ones were mine - hahhahaha

  2. Crap! I should have gone to you for dog names from the get-go. These are gooood. "Justin Case" - hahaha! "Vicar" is great and so suits this guy who is very much the "don't let appearances fool you" kind of puppy. And it's a name that makes people look twice. Oh, you've listed so many good ones to consider and you've just started. Oh, I'd wish you fun over this but I know you'll be agonizing. :-/

  3. I kind of like "Superman" for him!
    or just plain old "parker" after Peter Parker.
    Does he have a reg'd name yet?

  4. I don't have the litter registered yet. Turns out I couldn't take care of this online so paperwork is being passed around as we speak. I think the paperwork might still be in the United States at this very moment, perhaps crossing the boarder.

    I don't think his registered name has to have anything to do with his call name. I have never had a male dog before so I am going to town having all sorts of fun

  5. My husband has been screaming the name "Shazam" and pointing out every time the puppy looks over and says "see!". I also point out the number of other puppies who are also looking at him at the time.

  6. An early morning thought (as if you need another idea on top of all of the other great ideas) - Argos (or Gus, for short), Odysseus's faithful dog who recognized him when no one else did. (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argos_%28dog%29.)

  7. Oh, and Leonard ... also for Leonard Cohen, that sultry, sexy, darkly intelligent with the great music and deep voice Leonard. And Canadian. ;-)

  8. Here are explanations on how dogs are named in the world and some lists of names too:
    Dog names

  9. Great link "mic_comte". That link sure explains a lot. So in Canada I should think of B names since it is my second litter and if I was in France I should think of names that start with F, the official letter for 2010. I always thought "Fabienne" was a male's name. You know, that guy in most of those harlequin romance novel covers.

  10. C. (sent in via email)Apr 29, 2010, 12:18:00 PM

    "I thought of another name..
    Do you watch How I met your Mother? (I thought that maybe you did after you made the Big Bang Theory reference)

    You should name him "Hydabrek's Have You Met Ted" and have his call name be Ted!
    if you havent seen it, here is a clip of what i am talking about so i dont sound totally crazy

  11. Helix, or Neutron
    - Hubby

  12. Are you overwhelmed with options yet???

  13. yes, getting overwhelmed with great options.

    Krypton: Name of Superman's planet and is also appears in the periodic table.

  14. Oh! I like that one! A lot. So appropriate for a dog destined to leap and bound tall obstacles in a rally ring. And what a great sound for calling.

    It's also a Greek word, meaning "the hidden one" - what you get *is* more than what you first see.

  15. Can you come up with a registered name that builds on his call name? Hmm ... Hydabrek's Super Element ... trying to think of the expressions used for Superman and how they might be used.

    What's tradition when you use an existing name; for example, do you have to use "Hydabrek's the Dishy Vicar" or can you use just "Hydabrek's Dishy Vicar"?

  16. Not much in rules, what sounds better. I will talk about that.