November 30, 2008

Sending out Thank-yous Weeks Later isn't Any Easier

Remembering my Hyacinth BucketToday I am sending out thank-you e-mails or letters to all the condolences that was sent. I start doing that a while ago, days after it happened but it was getting too much so I stopped for a long time. I started up again yesterday and continuing again today sending out thank-you emails and letters that is.

I am finding reading all the condolence letters isn’t any easier later. Each one is so special to me, even from people I have never meet but know Hyacinth and I only through the Internet to neighbours, friends, and family. Everyone seems to agree that Hyacinth was so “beautiful and an awesome show dog”; and so well loved. That she was, everyone loved her. Details...

“my heart goes out to you and my tears fall for your loss, I know too well, the depth of your shock and grief, and that there is never a good time to say goodbye to our precious loves, but when we lose a young and vibrant love it is the most heartbreaking and difficult thing to accept”

“It is one thing to lose an old dog but to lose a young dog like her is devastating.”

“Hyacinth was at the Sioux Falls shows last month and everyone was in love with her and her gorgeous coat”

“I had the pleasure of meeting miss Hyacinth at few shows this past year. She was such a lovely, bouncy representation of the breed and watching her prance and bounce and strut around the ring brought such a smile to my face. she was such a little gem and an excellent ambassador for the breed.”

“We both thought she was a fabulous and beautiful girl always happy to see us and generous with her kisses”
“Hyacinth was a beautiful dog and as you expressed so wonderfully in your pictures and blogs, a beautiful spirit as well”
“My heart hurts for you. I sit here at work and I am trying to express my feelings and while sitting here in tears and my co-workers are looking at me with tears in their eyes for your as well.”

“It is obvious to even those of us who did not have the privilege and pleasure of knowing your Hyacinth personally, just what a wonderful lovely home and life she had, cherished for who she was every second, from your blog. I know that your having loved her and had her love is forever, and that you are changed for having had her in your life.”

“She was a great little dog, who didnt get to leave her pawprint on the breed, but if she did, I can bet she would have moved the breed in a positive direction”

“Even though I only saw her on show weekends, she was always ready for a hug or to give kisses. I was happy when she was done for the day so that we could cuddle for a few moments without Laurel giving me heck for messing her hair!”

“After dragging the less-than-enthused Hogan around the ring, it was always nice to talk to your upbeat wee bouncer, and I was looking forward to seeing her excel in everything you tried with her.”
“I am not a 'little dog' person, but being around Hyacinth taught me to appreciate them. I loved her personality - always happy. I used to love watching her on her grooming table at shows, which was her domain. She would wander around a bit and then relax in her princess bed. Everyone wanted to stop and talk to her because she was just so darn cute! We'd often stop work just for a cuddle with her to relax. She was also so much fun as a show dog, knowing just how beautiful she was as she strutted around that ring. We will miss her”

In between replies I have been doing the laundry. Caillee has been supervising me and making sure everything is all folded. I hear the buzzer, I have to go and put a load in the dryer.... "Lets go Caillee, you can help me with that too"

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