November 28, 2008

Least we forget about Seraiah, our large tabby cat

Seraiah the cat with his girls, Caillee and Hyacinth
I have forgotten the cat in all turmoil that has been happening surrounding the death of my Hyacinth. Just to quickly recap, Hyacinth, a Canadian show dog named Hyacinth Bucket, was killed by another dog while in the care of a professional handler in Ontario. This morning I saw the cat, “Seraiah”, playing with Caillee. Caillee was chasing him while he was taunting Caillee.

Seraiah, our large male tabby cat used to play with Hyacinth. He used to play with all the dogs really but played more with the youngest dog and that happen to be Hyacinth.

Seraiah used to play with Josie when she was young and the only dog in the house. Then he moved onto to Caillee when she was the young newbie in the house. Seraiah had so much fun with the litter of puppies Caillee had last year. I think I have videos of that too – I should go find them and post them on

Seraiah continued to have fun with the puppies, well just the one puppy that stayed and that was Hyacinth.

Hyacinth would try to jump on him, pull his tail, tug at his ears, charge at him, or go underneath him to tip him over. Seraiah always looked as though he was so annoyed by the situation and for the longest time I believed those soar looks he gave. Until one day that is, I watch them play for a long time and noticed how Seraiah would taunt her by rubbing up against her, swat at her tail, stick his butt in her face, and get Hyacinth to chase him around the house.

Since then, I never felt sorry for him when he gives me those “I am too bothered by all of this” look and cats are so good at giving use.

He hadn’t played with anyone in a long time, until this morning that is, when I saw him playing with Caillee. I guess I had not realized that even our cat had missed Hyacinth. Misses or missed, I am not sure at this point; but I am glad that he has found another play buddy and he is able to move on.

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