May 20, 2016

Crates are Not Just for House Training

There seems to be some misunderstanding about crates and not just among new dog owners. There are some people who feel crates are cruel. If people used a crate at all, then I often hear "my dog is house trained and we no longer need a crate anymore".

Dogs are not little humans and we need to stop thinking of them in terms if we would like it or not and therefore they are not going to like it either. Dogs are dogs, and they have their own behaviours and understanding of the world around them.

To a dog, a crate in many ways represent a cave like environment and their safe place, their home if I may. Dogs if at all possible would not want to soil in their home, hence why using a crate for the purposes of housebreaking a dog can be so effective.

Just like you have a favourite spot in your home and this spot can be often considered "your spot", the crate is "their spot". A crate should really be a must have for any dog. A wire crate works just fine.  It is best to have a crate in or near your bedroom for sleeping and for when your dog cannot be supervised.

When the situation changes at your house, like a big gathering of people or a party, and the situation gets too much for your dog, the crate can be their oasis away from the temporary disruption. Depending on the size of your home, moving your crate over to the busy area provides a nice break area for your dog close to gathering. Some choose to have two crates in their homes: one near or in the bedroom and an occasional one near busy areas.

Their crate should never be used as a form of punishment and they also should not be left in crate for too long. Either situations can lead to putty accidents and /or behavioural issues. A full-grown, housetrained dog can comfortably stay in their crates up to eight hours. Puppies and sick dogs need to be more frequent outings, link coming.

When used correctly, crates can be very handy and a safe, comfy place just for your dog.


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