May 28, 2016

Bichon Bolognese are 'People-Dogs'

The Bichon Bolognese is first and foremost a ‘people-dog’ as in ‘people-person’. They love their owners and if they had their choice would never be without them. They love all people actually and can be great companion dogs because of it. The Bolognese are good with children but the children should be old enough to know how to be gentle with small dogs.

The Bichon Bolognese are highly intelligent problem solvers but yet comical in their demeanour; and always cheerful. Almost everything I have ever read about them says they are a serious dog. Have they met one? The Bolognese is not as much of a clown as lets say the Havanese or the Bichon Frisé but we are still talking clownish just the same.

Don’t take their clownish demeanour for stupidity either; they know just how to work a crowd and make adoring fans out of them all. The whole ‘chasing my tail’ thing usually is a sign of lacking brain cells with most breeds but I have seem the Bolognese do this as attention grabbers, this technique usually wins a few treats from their adoring on-lookers.

Not enough can ever be said for their intelligence; this can be a blessing for their owners or a curse and it all depends on how you look it. To train new tricks or commands takes less time than other breeds. They make great dogs for canine sports like obedience, agility, free-style dance, and fly-ball because they are so easy and quick to train. The down side of their intelligence is that they can be easily bored which can lead to behavioural problems and property destruction just like any other intelligent breed.

Their cheerfulness is what really sets the Bolognese apart from any other breeds. I swear they are constantly smiling. They are also outgoing and never shy about meeting new people.

Though they are ‘minimum exercise’ dogs they are sturdy enough to handle an afternoon of exercise like a hike threw the woods or an afternoon of sidewalk shopping.

To sum up: The Bichon Bolognese are highly intelligent, comical, clownish, cheerful, outgoing, and happy dogs.

This brief breed profile of the Bolognese was provided by Juanita Heidebrecht. A dog lover and enthusiast of the Bolognese breed, who was an active board member of the Bolognese Club of Canada.

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