June 11, 2016

Bolognese Grooming Tip: Repair Dry Fur

Their fur may seem a bit like wool at times and they are not really supposed to be. There fur should feel soft to the touch and continuously conditioning their coat will aid in keeping their coat soft. A few days before a scheduled grooming, I would suggest using The BodyShop’s Coconut Body butter all over their coat.
Brush small sections of their fur at a time and as you brush their fur apply small amounts of body butter on their fur. Continue this process until you have brushed and applied the body butter all over the dog. As you cover your Bolognese with Coconut Body butter, try not to use too much; you will find that if you use too much their hair will look gray from all the dirty they will pick up during the day and hence why you would want to do this tip a few days before their bath time.
As you become skilled with this tip and you have found the happy medium with the amount to apply on their coat, you can do this technique at any time and no one would ever know the difference.
These instructions may help your long hair breed too, not just the Bolognese. However, if your dog is like the silky hair of the Havanese, you shouldn't do this too often because it will make their already light hair even softer.

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