February 28, 2006

My Job as a Therapy Dog

My name is Josie and I am a Bolognese. Every week I get to be a therapy dog for an hour at a local nursing home. I get to meet tons and tons of people AND everyone seems to have doggie treats to give me.

My most requested dog trick is to do a little dance; it's quit the crowd pleaser I must say. But honestly it wouldn't matter what I did, all my adoring fans love me.

My mom always grooms me before going out to the nursing home, making sure I look my very best for my fans. As my mother grooms me I always reminder her that my fans won't mind what I look like; but, she never listening to me about that and so I never seem to get out of getting groomed. I am still working on her.

Every year, my mother gets to go to a fancy dinner party to recognise those who volunteer at the nursing home; I don't understand why since I do all the work and I never get invited. Honestly, how rude is that?

Well, I am off to another session to greet my fans, eat dog tricks, and I will try not to have too much fun - it’s a job you know!

Josie the Bolognese family member
My Job as a Therapy Dog

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