August 27, 2006

Morden Corn & Apple 2006 Photo 1

Here is Josie and Caillee resting in the shade at the Corn & Apple Festival in Mordon Manitoba, Canada. Behind us is some cars at the car & motorcycle show there.

I picked up some pretty jackets at the festival for Caillee and Josie, and they even got to model them before I bought them. Both jackets are pink but Josie's is flashier while Caillee's is more sophisticated looking.

Josie and Caillee received a million treats and well wishes from passer bys. Both had had pink thingees in their hair and every one made a comment about that. I guess it was good that they brought so much attention to themselves since no one managed to step on any of them.

Well, everyone is back home and tired after a long and super, super hot day.


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