August 8, 2010

My Puppy Still has His Top Puppy Fangs

Poor Oliver is teething; he is losing teeth here and there.  Right now, I see he has not lost his top baby fangs yet and the adults one are coming in already.  This is very normal for Havanese but it is something to keep a close eye on.  It is important they lose those ‘hard to loose’ puppy fangs because if kept in too long. the puppy teeth may ruin the alignment of the adult teeth.

One way to remove them is to the baby fangs removed by your veterinarian when your Havanese is spayed or neutered.  Another way to remove them is to give your dog raw chicken bones often during their teeth period.  I normally give raw chicken wings at meal times and for snakes.  The bones are yummy, they enjoy them, and they we work at these bones breaking them apart which helps to loosen those ‘hard to loose’ puppy fangs.

A friend of mine gave me some individually frozen chicken bones.  What a great idea.  The coldness soothes their gums and the chicken is so yummy they will still work hard at eating them.

I also give beef marrow bones, also known as soap bones, and these bones work too at loosening those baby fangs but not as well as the raw chicken.  The great things about beef marrow bones are dogs enjoy them and the dogs work away at digging out the marrow for hours.  The dogs are entertained so you can work at something else without your four-paw shadow and the bones help to keep their teeth clean.  You still have to brush their teeth but the bones help reduce tartar build-up.

Talk to your veterinarian about this and before changing your dog’s diet.
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