August 7, 2010

Gossip: Air Canada working towards getting real estate at the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport.

The latest gossip I heard was Air Canada is working towards getting real estate at the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport.
Currently only Porter Airlines flies in and out of the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. They service the business-orientated clientele offering short haul flights between the Toronto City and various points between Canada and the United States and they have a no pet policy.

Porter Airlines does not allow dogs/pets period, not as carry-on nor even as cargo. I don’t use their services ever. Air Canada on the other hand does allow pets as carry-on or as cargo.

Air Canada has always been competing with Porter Airlines for years but this would mean they can then be in direct competition with Porter Airlines

If Air Canada can get a foot-hold in the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, this would be great new for us doggie loving folks. A world of possibilities for so many people who prefer to travel with their dogs would open up.

I have a friend who is going to split her time between Ottawa and Toronto and her Havanese accompanies her everywhere and including work life. This could mean easier and more frequent commutes for people who travel between Toronto and another city regularly.

Taking quick trips with your furry companion to visit family or friends elsewhere in Canada will become a whole lot easier.

Dog shows in farther locations could be options for me and for so many other dog show interested people, as long as they found it easy enough to reach Toronto. And, with Go Train constantly expanding their services, traveling further without the reliance on vehicles is becoming more of a reality than ever before.

This is something worth keeping a look out for.

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