August 9, 2010

A male puppy in an all-pink-world, what is a little puppy to do?

I have been looking for the perfect collar and leash for Oliver. He’s our newest puppy and he is a boy-puppy. A male puppy in an all-pink-world, what is a little puppy to do?

I have tons of available collars and leashes I have picked up over the years in various shades of pink: bright neon pinks to light pastel pinks.

So for a while I was thinking of finding Oliver a nice simple dark purple collar and leash. It’s not pink, no so girly, but still within the worthiness of being Pretty in Pink.

I wanted a quick release collar instead of buckle-style and I wanted the leash to be 6 foot long. You would think it would be easy enough to find purple collar and leash but I did have a lot of trouble.

After months and months of searching I never did find Oliver a purple collar and leash. While shopping with a friend, my friend convinced me that this black collar and leash with bright pink paw prints would be perfect for Oliver. The pink paw representing being ‘Pretty in Pink’ and the black brings a more masculine side to the collar and leash.

So, now even Oliver get to be as stylish and endearing as Josie and his mommy, Caillee.
Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs


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