July 28, 2010

Where is Caillee?

My dearest Caillee, sometimes she makes me laugh. She is so crazy about foods, bones, and treats I often find myself having a good giggle over her potentially yummy endeavors.

One morning I had to leave for work and I happened to be the last person out which left me with the duty of providing some peanut butter or cheese-whiz smeared bones for each dog in their crate. I often gave Josie’s bone first and that day was no exception. I gave her the command ‘crate’ which told her I wanted her to go straight into her crate. She can do this command from a great distance away but I often just do in when I enter the room. She ran in waiting for her delicious smeared bone.

Somehow, this seems to be Caillee’s cue to run into her own crate. She only started doing this recently. First few times I at least saw her run in her crate. She used to just wait on the bed and then I would give her the command ‘crate’ where she would then run into her crate. This one day, I had just finished putting Josie’s bone in her crate and now I was ready to crate Caillee. She was just beside me two seconds ago and now she was nowhere to be seen. I went looking all over the house. She didn’t have issues being in or going into her crate so I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t find her. I started calling her while searching the house. I hear her coming from upstairs, where I started. Where was she? I followed Caillee as she ran into her crate.

Time passed and I found myself being the last person in the house again which meant I needed to crate the dogs before I leave the house. I took some bones with me while crating the dogs. I crate Josie first. Again, I couldn’t find Caillee but this time I took a look in her crate and sure enough, there she was waiting for her bone.

Well, you would think this would be the end of my story and it ought to be I guess. I found myself the only person in the house wanting to leave yet again. I prepared some bones with some smeared peanut butter or perhaps it was cheese-whiz that time. I first crated Josie. Again, Caillee had disappeared. I took a look in her crate and she wasn’t there. I looked all over the house. I called her name and she never came. She always came to me when I called, why not this time? I was positive I saw her come in the house with me after the dog’s last bathroom call but I went out to the back yard just to make sure I didn’t accidently lock her out of the house. Nope, she wasn’t there.

Let’s review. The gate to the backyard was closed. I remembered her coming from the last bathroom call before I was about to leave. I remembered her being at my side when I brought the bones to the crates. The last moment I remembered seeing her was just before I crated Josie. She was nowhere - not around the house nor the backyard. So, just where was Caillee? I have to admit, I had starting panicking. I didn’t know where my precious Caillee was and there was no way she could have left the house.

I headed back to Josie’s crate, the last place where I remembered seeing Caillee. I heard Josie munching and licking away at her bone but I also heard whining as well. That didn’t sound right and I took a closer look. I saw two black eyes looking up at me. She was crated in with Josie. To my relief I let her out and she ran into her own crate awaiting her bone.

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