July 27, 2010

Update from Lucy

Hello everyone, I have updates! Here is an update from Lucy back in late June:
"We made it home in good time. Lucy is a great car companion, no fussing at all! We stopped a few times to stretch, drink, and pee... She's adjusting to her new place; she's a bit insecure at the moment, but that will pass. Thank you again for all of your time, lessons, and advice! Lucy and I are going to get along famously!"

Don't worry, there are more photos and updates about Lucy yet to come.

Let me tell you, Oliver really missed Lucy for a while there.  Playing with his mom was not the same.  Caillee doesn't do any sneak attacks, that's one thing, and Oliver can't get Caillee in trouble as easily as he could blame things on Lucy.  And vice versus too!  Mostly vice versus, Lucy is one crafty little girl.

I was talking to Truman's owner, Truman being Lucy's sire, and we were discussing Lucy.  Truman's owner was telling me how very similar, by my description only, to Truman's mom Lucy is.  Perhaps not the colour but her frame and her gracefullness.  It is no neat to exchange stories.

Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs

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