July 29, 2010

Pass the Chocolates....

 It's official, Oliver now has his American papers (from AKC).  So he is registered in both countries.  Would it be like being a duel citizen?  When I opened the leter, it said he was a Chocolate Sable.  What?  I put him down as a sable since sable is sable. So, where do they get chocolate from?  I realize Chocolate Havanese are the in thing these days but he is not chocolate. 

Chocolate Havanese have chocolate coloured pigment and light coloured eyes.  It has very little to do with the actual colour of their fur.   Chocolate Havanese come in all sorts of colours but you will never find a black dog with chocolate pigment.

Sometimes people mistake lack of pigment, where the nose is pinkish as being the fashionable chocolate colour.   A pink nose is lack of pigment, where a nose brown in colour is considered chocolate.  Chocolate Havanese are generally accepted colour.

However, Oliver has black coloured eyes and strong black pigment.  So, nope, Oliver is not Chocolate.  I wonder how hard it is going to be to correct his colour with the American Kennel Club?

Check out this great website about Havanese Colours
Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs


  1. Update
    I found the following at the AKC.org website about correcting his registration:

    "How can I change incorrect information on my registration certificate?


    Please email us the dog’s registration number and state what information is incorrect: the spelling of your name, the spelling of the dog’s name, the color of the dog, or the sex of the dog. If the address is incorrect, please indicate the correct address. Once we have received this information, we will send you a corrected registration certificate as well as a corrected pedigree if necessary. All corrections, unless the mistake was on the part of the AKC, will require a $20 correction fee."

    And I found another mistake. They miss-spelled his name: Hydabreck's What the Dickens.... there should only be one c in his name and just with Dickens, not Hydabrek.

    So I sent off an email this morning asking AKC to make these two corrections. I will keep you posted.

  2. “Sable is sable”, turns out that's just a Canadian thing. With the Canadian Kennel Club, sable is sable and there is no need to define it. Whereas with our American neighbours it is important to define it. So with the American Kennel Club, sable is not just sable.

    I received an email back from an AKC representative today to say the corrections were made and a new certificate was issued. That was very fast since I just sent it out late last week.

    It is good to know he is now registered with AKC and hopefully registered just fine in time for some future show... we'll see.

  3. Chocolate sable or sable sable, the guy is still darned cute! And darned cute with dual citizenship. What a catch! ;-)