May 29, 2010

NADAC not a presence in Ontario

One down side about moving back to Ontario is I will miss-out on NADAC Trials.
NADAC, North American Dog Agility Council, an agility organization popular in Western Canada and throughout the United states offers only a few trails in Ontario.

Today, went I went to their website to see just how few shows they do in Ontario, there was only one listed in Thunder Bay, Ont., most people would consider Thunder Bay apart of Western Canada anyway.

I was considering renewing my long over-laps membership to the club and after finding out it will not be doing me much good here in Ontario will not be.

Well, Josie and I were doing agility, many moon ago, we did enjoy our time and I am glad I have some wonderful memories at their trials.

If they ever do more trials in Ontario, I hope someone makes sure I am in the loop. Caillee, myself, and now Oliver would be very interested.

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  1. That's too bad! Agility training and competition are very popular here in Quebec.

  2. Dear Anonymous, though NADAC isn't popular in Ontario the popular agility organizations do run here, namely Agility Association of Canada ( and Canadian Kennel Club (

  3. Juanita,
    Why not get a membership with AAC?
    When I started doing agility I got a number for both AAC AND NADAC, I have never once done a NADAC trial. They seem to have a lot NADAC trials in alberta. I would like to see more CKC trials on the prairies!

  4. I must ask you about all of these agility groups and stuff, Juanita. Jack and I are very much looking forward to doing this when he's a bit older and stronger.