May 28, 2010

Dog names

A friend lent me a book titled "Dog Names, Over 1,000 grrreat names" by Jenny Linford and the only name closest to Caillee's own name was "Kali, for destructive females; after the Hindu goddness". Destructive, uh? Well now, I have replaced more toys ever since Caillee started living with us.... not because she destroyed all of Josie's old toys but any of the new ones I got just for her. See Caillee in the photo with the pink Barbie purse, it was ruined in 15 minutes after it arrived.

Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs

1 comment:

  1. Very pretty indeed, and Kali seems to be the right godess for her. By the way, is your book also explaining the rules for pedigree dogs?
    Pedigree dogs names