May 31, 2010

Dear Mom from Jack

Dear Mom,

The Lady with Red Hair said that if I dictated a note to you that she would type it and send it while I nap. So here goes ... !

I got to my new home after a very short car ride. I like my carrier thing - it's not so bad. Well, actually, that might be because the blanket smelled like you and the boys and Lucy and Juanita. And the carrier smelled like you. Thank you for sleeping in the carrier thing to smell it up for me before I got in.

I haven't visited all of my new house yet. Lady said there's a lot to visit and we could take it a little at a time. So tonight, I got to explore the kitchen. Lady was too clever about not leaving naughty things out - drat - but there were new toys waiting for me: a fun rope rolled up in a ball, a funny chewy mouse on a rope, and oh, Mom, the best toy ever: a stuffed dog that looks like Zeus only a bit bigger. His name is Max and he's so much fun to chase and roll with and drag around. He's not quite as fun as Zeus because Zeus plays back, but Max is pretty neat. I played and played and played and ... whew ... played!

Mom! Mom! You have to see the poop deck here! I have my own box with nice grass in it and a yellow post thing that just makes me want to pee. It is so nice that I didn't want to mess it up. Instead, I had an accident in the house. Well, actually two accidents. But Lady was really okay about it. She picked me up part-way through and rushed me outside, and then she cleaned up my accident with pretty smelling soap that bubbles a little bit. I think I sorted out what I was supposed to do so ran around and whimpered when I had to poop so that Lady would take me out, but Lady didn't get it. She thought I was missing you and my sibs. I mean, I was - and I do - but that wasn't what I was trying to tell her. I just couldn't hold it, Mom! Lady got it then and whisked me outside and I was able to finish outside. Boy, you'd think I just won an Olympic event or something the way Lady praised and congratulated me.

Lady and her friend - who's a pretty funny guy, actually - had dinner. It sure smelled good. Pizza, I think. My tummy was growling when they ate, but I was also really tired so fell asleep while they ate.

After they ate, Lady and I came downstairs to her room and I got to explore some more. It's cosy down here. I have my own crate and everything. Lady put my special blanket that smells like you and the gang in my crate. Oh, and I put Max in there. I think you told me that I should play hard to get about the crate - you know, be tentative about going in there so that I might get some treats - but I failed at that. It really is cosy in there and I was so tired.

Lady said that I could still have my dinner after my nap and then we'd explore the poop deck again. I hope that it has stopped raining by then. I don't much like getting wet to go out and do my business. Yuck!

Lady also said that you or Juanita or any of the gang can come and visit me whenever you'd like. I think the plan is for us to be home together tomorrow, just getting to know one another, so please tell Juanita that she can come anytime she might like if she wants to visit and that she's more than welcome to bring you with her.

I'm not too homesick yet, Mom. Lady said that it would be okay if I were and that no matter, I get to see you and the sibs on Saturday - the day after tomorrow. I'll have lots more to tell you then, I'll bet!

Must nap now, Mom. I am all worn out - and I think Lady is really wanting to rest for a little bit too. She smells tired. Please lick Juanita for me and tell her that I won't let her miss me too much; I'll visit lots.

with love,
your son,

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