June 1, 2010

Jack new Home, the next day...

Hi Mom!

It's the next day after the day I came to my new home. Does that mean that it is Thursday? I'm kinda mixed up about time right now and Lady is too. It might be because we don't share my routine yet. (Did you know that Lady likes to sleep through the night? What a party pooper! I mean, some of the best play happens during the night, in the dark, right?)

I've learned some new things, Mom. First, I think I've figured out the whole poop deck thing. I used it a couple of times last night, which made Lady so happy that she sang out what a good boy I am ... kind of loudly given that it was the middle of the night. Really. I'm going to have to teach her a thing or two about that. I tried it out a few more times over the day today and I'm certain I understand now. I don't quite get the "getting to the poop deck" thing yet, but if I can see it, I know how to get there and what to do.

I also learned this morning about a "street" and the sounds out there. After I had my breakfast - well, some of my breakfast: I wasn't all that hungry this morning - Lady took me for what she calls a "walk." I don't much like the thing I have to wear around my neck to go on this walk thing - although, Mom, the neck thing says "DOG" on it so I think that means that I'm growing up, right? - but I like the walking part. Lady measured our walk so we can keep track of how I'm doing and not do too much too fast; we walked 1K this morning. (Do you know what a "K" is?) We walked by a grassy place with lots of tall, flat stones and a church, and then along some streets until we came to a place where there were a lot of older kids. There was also a BIG noisy machine going around in circles, sending bits of grass everywhere. Lady let me sit between her knees while I got used to the big machine. I had a BIG long sleep once I got home after that!

I did the walking thing again in the afternoon. We walked about the same distance, but this time, we went downtown. I met some people on the way who all said how cute I am. I try to give my best smile and an extra wide tail wag when people say things like that. Oh, and I saw Kevin when I was downtown! I gave him kisses so he'd know that I still remember him and that I miss him. Lady said that I didn't have to walk home from downtown, but the grass and the flowers and stuff all smelled so good that I just had to walk some more! I had another big sleep after that walk, too!

I didn't want my mid-day meal today, Mom. I didn't feel sick but I didn't feel like eating either. Lady was worried: I saw her checking those puppy parent books she has. I was pretty hungry by dinner, though - two big walks and I played a lot this afternoon, so I was really hungry. Lady put a bit of chicken and brown rice with my kibble for dinner and I ate it all and then asked for more. We went for one more walk after that - just a little one. I got to do my business in a different place, too. That was fun! Oh, and I saw a BIG dog! Wow, it was a big dog. Lady said it would be too soon for me to meet other dogs we didn't know, so I just looked and smiled at the big dog and his man. They seemed nice and friendly. Lady talked to the man across the street, so maybe we'll meet them again on another day.

I need to finish getting ready for bed, Mom. Lady has already brushed my hair and cleaned my bum. (I kinda got my bum dirty today. Oops.) I had a good nap this evening - I slept beside Lady's chair - but I'm looking forward to a really good night's sleep. Lady was going to take me tomorrow to the big place she calls Toronto, but she said that I'd had enough new stuff today and deserved an easy day tomorrow. She promised to take me into this Toronto place next week instead. So tomorrow morning, I get to play with Lady's friend, Albert. He's funny and nice, so I'm going to try and be really good for him. Oh, and he's really nice to me, too: today, I was shivering while we sat out on the patio (It's cold today!) so when Albert went shopping, he bought a big bed thing that I can use when we're sitting outside on the patio so that I won't get shivery when the patio is wet and it's cold out.

Oh, Mom, can I ask you something? Would it be okay if I called Lady with the Red Hair my mum, too? I mean, she's not my mother - you are - and she's not Juanita-mom. Hmm, isn't Juanita-mom your mum, which means that she'd be my Juanita-grandmum? But Juanita isn't old and aren't grandmums old? But Lady seems like a mum and she smells like she belongs to me. (I slept in Lady's lap twice today to make sure that she knows that she belongs to me.) Anyway, I've been thinking about all of this and wondering.

Must go back to sleep now, Mom. Did you have fun today? How is everybody? Did you know that I'm coming to visit you the day after tomorrow? I can't wait to see you and tell you all about the new things I've been smelling and exploring.

Nighty night, Mom.

with love,
your son,

Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs

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