May 16, 2009

Josie Almost Had a Near Dealth Experience

We all went out to find all the Burger Kings around town to see if we could get the new Star Trek drinking glasses from Burger King, specifically the orange ones with Mr. Spock on them. We drove all around and came up with a big nothing.

Josie and Caillee came with us on our little adventure. On the way home from our disappointing trek around town, Hubby asked to be drop off a couple of blocks away from the house.

Now we were driving the newer car that does not automatically lock the doors as soon as you shift the car into drive like the older car does. I don’t know what Hubby was thinking but he accidentally opened the car door as I was turning the corner and not slowly may I add.

Josie almost fell out of the car as the car door swung open and she was being held by dear life by hubby somehow. I could see the white ball of fur at his side where the car door if closed should have been.

I stopped the car and Josie was pulled by in. If Hubby for some reason hadn’t had a good grip on her or if she was leaning freely on the door, I could have fell out and because I was turning, she would have fell where she would have been run over by the car.

I know it was an accident and not intentional at all but there is a new rule at this household – lock your door! And don’t play with the car door handles.

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