May 15, 2009

Reflecting on Zoe's Visit and Hyacinth's memories

Having Zoe, our visitor from Regina Saskatchewan, here even for a brief period in time gave me a few things to think about. It was great having her here and she was a lot of fun having. At the time, back in late February, I had recently lost my own Havanese puppy girl. There was so much of Zoe that reminded me of my precious Hyacinth. Especially when Zoe licked my nose, Hyacinth used to always lick my nose when I had her in my arms.

Its now May, many month since Zoe’s stay and many more months since Hyacinth’s demise. Since then I was wondered if I am ready for another dog or if I would ever be ready again.

I have been so busy with the move back to Ontario, my new job, finding a place to stay, and reconnecting with old friends, I haven’t been afforded the time to think a lot about Hyaicnth.

I still don’t know what to do about Hyacinth. Should I sue the professional handler who was responsible? Its is a very real option now that I have moved back home to Ontario and being already here in Ontario makes things much easier if I sue.

What other options are there other than suing him?

I still want Hyaicnth back and that’s not an option; never was. How does a person move on from here? What is fair justice? Is ‘fair justice’ an oxymoron? What about just the word justice?

As far as I am concerned, I haven’t seen anything resembling justice, fairness, or even kindness surrounding the death of my Hyacinth Bucket. The more I think of my Hyacinth and what happen to her, the more upset and right down mad I get. I tell you, I am mad.

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  1. you should sue him.
    so far, it sounds like he has gotten away with it..