May 17, 2009

Photos from Cali's Big Day in the Ring

With all of life's craziness, we totally missed out on Cali's big day in the ring. Her big day was at the last Havanese Fanciers’ National Specialty, last November, where Cali tried out for the best altered female.

Us folks around already know she is the best and a little ribbon doesn’t hurt any….

Hydabrek's Cali had her big day in the ring too during the Havanese Fanciers Specialty this year.

Here is Cali arriving at the show grounds in her mom's arms. There was lots of noises, smell, and lots of excitement for a wee little girl.

Here is Hyacinth taking a back seat to Cali's Arrival. She was near the ring at this point so she kept herself occupied by all the comings and going in the area. If you look very closely, you will notice that the black dog in the background is actually Jinx, Hyacinth roommate for the weekend.

Poor Cali, she was a bit over whelmed by all the happening around her. Dog shows can be a very busy place to be. You can see how scared and nervous Cali was by how curled up she is in this photo.

Doesn't Cali look so funny in this photo? I love it! She is being groomed and readied for the ring.

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