December 13, 2008

Caillee and I had a really fun day today.

Caillee and I had a really fun day today. The day started off with a late morning class of Rally-O that Caillee and I attend; where I also assist the class by setting up the Rally-O course, tear it down at the end of class, and anything else as needed. Caillee just has to watch me while I do this. Then we both had an obedience class together right afterwards. I do believe the reason we were having so much fun at class is because I was being much freer with the treats. Not crying “at a drop of a hat” might also help.

Both Josie and Hyacinth have/had toys they really liked that I used in training and treats too of course. I have such trouble finding Caillee’s button without food, food seems to be her button. I kept feeling I was doing something wrong if my only button was food. Caillee really likes squeaky toys but she destroys them in one day – the fabric and squeaky part. There is this red bone caillee seems to like these days that I purchased form the dollar store so I went back and bought them out of the red bone squeaky toys.

After talking to a friend of mine who does a lot of agility, she assured me that it is ok that Caillee is completely food driven. So I was freer with the treats today.

After a fun class of Rally-O followed by a fun class of Obedience, the fun doesn’t end there today. To kill some time, Caillee and I whipped by MacDonald’s drive through. Caillee seemed very excited, when I do this I share my fries with Caillee. Her eyes scream “Yummy”!

Caillee says "oh.. all the fries are gone...."

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  1. both my havanese a 100% food only driven dogs! it was hard to do agility when i first started as everyone ad these REALLY drivey dogs who LOVED tug toys and balls and the like. now i have tweaked my training so that there are some treats that only come out at agility time.
    If Caillee destroys toys but still likes them, you could try having a "rally squeaky" - a toy that only comes out for rally. a kennel of cairns i look after are ball crazy, but the real prize is a red paltic ball that sits on the fridge, and only comes down for super extra motivated training sessions.
    but now i am happy with my food only dogs, which have actually become food and verbal praise motivated dogs, good to know there are other havanese with the eyes for food.