December 24, 2008

This Christmas Season isn’t Really the Same...

This Christmas season isn’t really the same for here for us, the Pretty in Pink team. We haven’t put up the Christmas tree, no Christmas lights, no festive candles, and no Christmas baking.

We have no plan to do anything festive this year, nor does anyone seem to be in the mood for anything festive.

We did get a couple of Christmas toys for the dogs, I have asked for nothing. I don’t want anything since just about everyone knows eactly what I want and I know fully well I won’t ever get my Hyacinth back.

Things have been getting better since November but Christmas has a lot of meaning for me in regards to my dogs.

I pleaded to my husband for Josie and made a deal with him. Every wife wanting a dog or cat knows exactly what I am talking about. I have since found out comparing my deal to other deals made by other wives that I didn’t make a very good deal. One friend cut a deal with her husband to have two Golden Retrievers for herself and a big screen TV for her husband, and her deal didn’t stretch to other Christmas seasons.

Josie was my Christmas present for the next two years many years ago and my husband got a digital camera for Christmas in exchanged. For Josie, it was still a great deal.

Caillee was a Christmas present too; I can’t remember how many Christmases she was suppose to be. Worth every Christmas season just the same!

Yes, you guest it, Hyacinth was a Christmas present too and for at least two Christmases.

Mine you; I have never actually received a dog on Christmas day. Christmas for me has always been a time to celebrate what wonderful Christmas presents I have, that keep giving and giving all year long.

So you see, this Christmas doesn’t feel the same, nor very festive.

P.S. Photo as seen here was taken last year by Todd Van Buren,, at the Best West Pet Foods store on St. James, in Winnipeg. This photo represents Hyacinth's first and only Chirstmas. It is a photo I will forever treasurer.


  1. merry christmas to you and your family juanita. i know it is not the same and i really do wish there was somethin i could say to make you feel better.
    just hug josie and caillee a little extra tonight and give thanks that your have two little wagging tails and two little pink tongues ready to give kisses anytime to cheer you up.
    take care!

  2. Thanks - I will give Caillee and Josie extra hugs and tight ones too, if they let me.