November 14, 2008

Things that remind me of Hyacinth

There is so much in the house right now that reminds me of her. I had been doing spring cleaning, I mean I am doing some spring cleaning. We want to change the carpet downstairs and that also mean we need to move everything off the carpet. Over the years, things as piled up and I am been in a spring/fall cleaning spree.

I found many doggie toys, many of which Caille (Hyaicnth’s mom) destroyed but I did find a coaster set, two of the coasters Hyacinth herself chewed. There are so many rosettes downstairs, many are Hyacinth’s. My office used to be downstairs and she rarely used the doggie bed or the small chairs I had for the dogs. She often would be at or on my feet lying on the carpet.

Yesterday an appointment for me and Hyacinth (for obedience level 2) popped up on my PDA. Its an appointment we wouldn’t have made anyway while she was out being shown in the states, hopefully earning her American title, but I was hopping that she would come home in time to participate in a couple classes before having to wait until a new session starts again. I know the instructors would have let us in, Hyacinth was way ahead in class when she did Obedience Level and I think I could have gone straight into level 2 but I thought the noise, the smells, and the chaos of all these young dogs would be so good for her and it was. She showed a lot of confidence and her personality just shown though in those chaotic moments once a week.

I have been receiving so many kind words from so many people, I think I have cried over each one. Some are from friends who have never meet Hyacinth and some are from those who have meet her. There was a lady in Laurel’s crew or perhaps one of Laurel’s clients like I am who could wait until Hyacinth was done for the day where she would site and cuddle with Hyacinth at show side watching the end of the dog show for the day. I received a few e-mails form professed large-dog-only people, who described to me how Hyacinth had really started to warm their hearts about “toy breeds”. That’s the kind of Havanese she was, she had the sweetest personality and she was so well behaved as my “non-doggie” friends would say. “She was a great little dog, who didnt get to leave her pawprint on the breed, but if she did, I can bet she would have moved the breed in a positive direction.” A friend of mine said that yesterday and I truly believe these words.

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