November 13, 2008

What happened?

Laurel Skuba sent me some photos she had taken last summer of Hyacinth in her round bed. Hyacinth is in her bed in Laurel’s set-up at some show. Laurel had gotten a round-bed for Hyacinth and another one for a toy poodle she was showing at the time, named Dana. Laurel Skuba is, was her regular show-handler here in the prairies. I would drop Hyacinth off on a Thursday and pick her up by Sunday Night or Monday if Laurel got in real late. I know Laurel is hurting too, she had showed Hyacinth a lot this year and had became very attached. I just checked to check what stats Hyacinth Bucket had: she was number 7 top Havanese in Canada and number 79th top toy, of course as there are a couple of months left to go until the end of the year and this will change. Laurel did a great job showing.

I am really thankful that Mim’s and Cali’s parents had a chance to meet Hyacinth. I am also thankful that Cali had a chance to play with her younger sister (by minutes really) one last time. Mim and Cali were her two litter mates in Caillee’s (and my) first litter.

Today she would have been shown by Norm at the North Country Kennel Club, Inc show in Syracuse, NY, she may or may not have earned any points towards her American championship but I knew she would have had fun. She always seemed to have fun in the ring; she was a natural show dog.

Yesterday as I walked to class at the university, I walked the pathway beside the university grounds and behind houses, there is a pond there. This path gave me so many fond memories of Hyacinth. I used to walk either Caillee or Hyacinth along this pathway, during the non-winter months, it’s so peaceful and the pond has its own unique beauty. Hyacinth used to try to chase the geese that gathered there; she just thought it was great fun. I think when I receive her ashes from Norm, well, one day, I will spread her ashes there so she can always play with the geese.

I think it is going to be really, very hard, but I think it is time for me to know and understand what happen to her. And get some answers: like, how did she get out of her run? How did she get into another dog’s run? Why did the Shar Pei attack her? Does the Shar Pei owner know that her dog killed another? Was there anyone there? Did someone give her one last hug? Did someone give her one last kiss? I used to kiss her all the time on the stop of her nose. I still do that with Caillee and Josie, but I won’t ever be able to do that again with Hyacinth and that makes me so sad.

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  1. I am so so Sorry your beautiful Hyacinth is gone, She will be waiting with that smile of her's for you at the rainbow bridge ...
    I have lost some great dogs .... and if there aren't dogs in heaven them i'm not going ...
    Love and hugs and prayers with you that you stay strong ...And when you hear those tiny footsteps know she is still with you watching over you .......Crying with you .......Sue

  2. Very touching thoughts and memories.
    To be honest I have some of the same questions and concerns. I don't want to sound bitter or anything but to know these things for closure sake.
    Rest in Peace our Hyacinth ... go paly with the angels and give Jesus a big kiss for us.

  3. Juanita,
    I love these pictures, she loved to sit in her bed on the table. She spent more time on that table nestled all comfy in her little bed than she did in a crate, just watching the world go by.
    I think you are more than justified to ask those questions and you have every right to and you should. The feeling of missing her doesnt go away, but it will get easier, day by day.
    you know she is running around rainbow bridge, keeping all of her havanese cousins company.
    take care Heidebrecht family.
    The havanese world is thinking of you!
    big hugs!

  4. So sorry for your loss! RIP Hyacinth...I was wondering, who was under the care of your dog when this horrific event occurred?

  5. Hello Anonymous,I feel I cannot answer your question at this time. To read more about Hyacinth, I have a couple of links you might find of interest: Hyacinth's Saga ( and In Memory of Hyacinth (

    Thanks for understanding,