November 15, 2008

A Lovely Card for My Lovely Dog

I assist in helping Suzanne teach Rally-O class Saturday morning. This morning was the first real doggie thing I have done in a while. I was really not with it today and I didn’t stay for obedience class right afterwards that I would normally participate with Caillee (Hyacinth’s mom). Suzanne handed me a card which I read when I got home. I am glad I did, it was so touching and it had an image of a Havanese on it that looked very similar to my Hyacinth; and yes, I cried. The card was signed by many of the instructors of Heatherlea Canine Education center.

Your beloved pet may be from
your world, but she will never be
gone from your heart and your

Deepest sympathy in the loss
of your sweet little Hyacinth,
the best friend a person could

Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs

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