November 11, 2008

Photo of Hyacinth in a Doggie-Purse

Isn't this just a neat photo of Hyacinth Bucket in a doggie purse? Hubby took this photo. It was from when we were at the Clare's Harley-Davidson store in Niagara. I didn't want to leave Hyacinth in the car while we visited a friend who works there so I was glad I brought along my doggie-purse. This is a doggie-purse that even the real TV character Mrs Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Bouquet) would even be proud of. Sherpa doesn't make these purses/tote bags anymore, maybe because they were very expensive at the time. What a shame, they could pass for any fancy black bag; and I have often used them for carrying things other than Havanese or Bolognese. Nothing but the very best even for a Havanese in Mrs Hyacinth Bucket's name sake, I say.

Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs

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