November 10, 2008

Hyacinth shared a room with Jinx

Hyacinth Bucket and I shared a room at the Renaissance hotel while at the HFC specialty with Jinx, Ch. Pocopayasos Hi-Jinx at Mimosa. Her mom is Suzanne McKay. Both Hyacinth and Jinx were very good roommates.

Here is Jinx on her mom's bed.

Jinx managed to steal all the squeaky toys. Though the toy in this photo is actually hers. During many times while our stay at the hotel, Jinx managed to collect Hyacinth's and Cali's squeaky toys as well as her own. Hyacinth was holding Cali's squeaky toy gift until they met again. But how could Jinx resist all these squeaky toys all in one room!

Here is a photo of Jinx and Hyacinth together. Don't they look so cute.

"I think I saw a squeaky toy fly by...."

"Are we done with all this picture taking yet?"

Yes, I guess so.

Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs

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  1. That last picture of Hyacinth looks alot like a muppet ... Juanita did you get Jim Henson Creature Shop to create this for you or for his next 'Muppet Show: The Life of a Show Dog'?