November 11, 2008

Josie at Burger King's Drive Through

Josie came along while we needed to do some errands and they were taking longer then expected and we were all getting very hungry. So we all decided to stop at Burger King to grab some late breakfast.

Here is Josie driving. Well, the car was parked but don't tell Josie that, she thought she was quit a good driver of sorts.

Where are we Josie?!

Here is Josie paying for breakfast. The servers asked if they could give our dog a treat. Josie say, "could they ever!"

They gave Josie a small piece of bacon. Oh yeah, you heard correctly, a small piece of bacon. Josie says that we all should go to Burger King more often because McDonalds only give out regular doggie cookies and a small piece of bacon beats any size doggie cookie paws down!

Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs

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