September 14, 2007

Puppies are Four Weeks Old Yesterday

Yesterday, Caillee's puppies are officially four weeks old. I quickly put together the above video of them playing together. Its simply adorable when they wag their tails and walk. Mind you they still spend most of their time sleeping. 'Junior' is almost a kilogram, over 3/4 of the way there; I have been thinking of changing her nickname to 'Piggy' or "Little Miss Piggy'.

I continuing to teach to lap. Right now they think its very humorous. I can understand, mommy's milk most likely tastes better and they can lounge while they drink. They think its the funniest thing to grab my finger while I'm trying to teach them to lap liquids/mush and try to toss it around like they would one of their toys. Of course I immediately give them a toy more appropriate for tossing but come on I sure they are thinking: toss a nice soft toy or tug and pull the giant; you be the judge.

I like most people say that the best is when a puppy gives them puppy-kisses on their check or when they curl in your arms but boy oh boy I tell you, the best is when they look directly at you and start wiggling their tails.. That seems to melt my heart every time.

Just for the record, being peed on is not that funny.

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