September 16, 2007


'Tina' seems to be a lapping machine. I really do think she has the hang of licking up food from a plate. Her sisters on the other hand still disagree with this whole notion that food can be found else where than mommy. Soon they will have to see things my way. Well considering that I can feel their baby teeth coming in, they will have to eat from a plate; Caillee won't be so forgiving of sharp baby teeth.

My husband complained that every time he picks up 'Junior' to play with her she pees on the floor. Oh course she is going to do that, he keeps picking her up from sleep. Even most people have to go to the bathroom right after a long sleep. Isn't that just normal.

Josie is being a great aunt; she loves to play with them. I think she gets a little overwhelmed when they all decide to attack her all at once. It it hilarious to watch. I really do need to get that on video.

Caillee, the puppys' mommy, is completely brushed out and ready for a bath. She will have that in a few minutes after I get off my computer. Josie will get her bath right after words but don't say it too loud, she can hear these things.
Secret Lives of my Pretty In Pink Dogs

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