September 13, 2007


Someone asked me how Tina was doing… this only means I am not updating this blog enough.  Tina is doing fine… sleeping and playing, and doing other puppy stuff like the rest of them.  A couple of days ago I watched her walk, relatively speaking, over to the piddle-pad area, squat and pee.  I was so proud, how can you not be?  Those eyes of hers are dangerous; I can’t help but melt in them.  She is so adorable and she loves to cuddle, that is when she is not trying to leap out of my hands to go play with the others.

C. Junior had resisted any attempts what so ever to learn to lap food.  It was only formula, something easy and similar to mommy’s milk to start out on.  NOPE.  She always backed away whenever she could and completely resisted any of my attempts to convince her that it might be yummy.  She wanted nothing to do with these situations.  She completely reminded me of a dolled-up and spoiled little girl (most likely in pig-tails) with her armed crossed and a scowl across her face. Then one day, without any help, coaxing, or encouragement she walked over and lapped a little bit.  Mind you that was it, just a little.

You know I was thinking the other day, if Goldie-locks was human she was be this blonde secret agent: tall, beautiful, and smart.  She has this quite disposition about her and if you dare look into her eyes they would tell you…. Be mesmerized by my beauty and now you must do as I say…

They are all getting so much better at walking.  I saw Junior doing a hop (I think) attacking a toy.  She is so funny.  She has this cloth toy in her mouth where she shakes vigorously around with her head.   It is also funny watching her trying to grab a small ball with her mouth.  The ball is small but she still isn’t quit big enough to be grabbing and carrying that around as she may want to.



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