November 9, 2006

Caillee trys out Therapy Dog work

Mom called the nursing home to see if a ban was lifted from the floor mom says Josie visits for when Josie is out being a therapy dog. Mom says that the nurse really wanted to see me since she says mom talks about me.

Mom filled her pockets with treats and put colourful ruffled collars on us. She said that the clown hats might be too much for her to keep on both us on at once. Sure thing, I wouldn’t want to wear a hat; especially one with purple pom-poms on them.

Long before we arrived, Josie knew exactly where we were going and she was getting all excited. Her excitement was getting me all excited; I could hardly keep still anymore either.

When we arrived, Josie kept trying to encourage mom to get in the building faster and mom wanted to walk slowly making sure we both had time to sniff anything interesting and give us both the opportunity to go to the bathroom if we needed. Josie peed at every tree and I peed right after her, we marked the place real good.

Even before we got to the door, we had people stopping and petting us. All the way up to Josie’s floor, we had people stop and give us tons of attention.

When we got there, we got to spend time with so many people. Some would pet us on our heads while some would give us a treat that mom had just handed them. The staff had way more energy and kept us on our toes by chasing us, rubbing our tummies, and giving us treats.

I love this place, could we go again, mom?

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