November 3, 2006

Update on Daisy

Janelle and Tim sent me an update on how Miss Daisy was doing. This is Caillee and Josie's Pug friend in Winnipeg.

Janelle writes:
She's in-heat right now ... She's so miserable it's cute. I took home the digital camera from work 'cause I wanted to take pictures of her in her Halloween costume, but changed my mind since she's already quite traumatized about her voyage to womanhood. We'll try again next year. "

Well Daisy, I hope you are feeling better soon, Caillee is in heat too and she understands what you are going through. Both Josie and Caillee send doggie-kisses your way.

Doggie mom and
My Pritty in Pink Girls (Josie and Caillee)

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