April 10, 2006

What I spent all weekend doing...

I spent most of my weekend on mommy's grooming table.

While mommy was at work this Saturday morning, daddy took Josie and I for a long walk through a near by park that has a small little forest area. Oh we had so much fun running around the park. We were back in time before mommy got home and for daddy to get in trouble for all the burs in my coat. You see I have a show to go to this up coming weekend in Edmonton so I understand. Mommy was saying that there was some sort of Toy Dog Specialty show happening. It was so funny that daddy was trying his best to get as many burs out of my hair before mom saw.

Mom did find out and was very disappointed. Mommy kept trying to call people who may now the BEST way to get burs out of my coat. Mom was so worried about getting the burs out of my hair without any damage, but she was not able to get a hold of anyone. So after all this fun I had I had to spend hours on the table getting those burs out. It was so boring! Thankfully she was least trying to be very gentle about getting those burs out.

So now that mommy is finally all done with fussing over my hair I am able to update you on my weekend.

Have fun,
The Havanese of the family

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