April 12, 2006

Doggie-Party at my house this weekend….

I heard that Caillee is going on another dog show with her handler this weekend AND leaving tonight no less. My weekend could get much better unless I invite some of my doggie friends over for a small and tasteful little tea party (perhaps).

OH this is a better idea: I get mommy to go away for one of the evening and I could really through a wild doggie-party with loud music, toys, and doggie-treats everywhere! We could all take turns swinging off the chandeliers; and then we could play games like ‘pin-the-cat’, the doggie version of pin-the-donkey. Then I could flutter my eyes at daddy and convince him to take us all for a walk through the near by park. Oh, oh, better yet, I could pig-out on supper large rare-cooked sirloin stake. Oh, the things I might be able to get away with if only mommy was gone for a while and daddy left in charge.

I am only a little dog with big dreams.


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