April 13, 2006

My main bud and I are going to raise some trouble tonight

You know what I would like to do this weekend; I would like to take over this joint. Perhaps I could invite my main bud over and we could totally shake things up here. I already had a little talking to about the whole doggie-party weekend bash thing I suggested so I guess that is out of the question. Perhaps if I just invited one friend over, we can kind of do the same thing but quietly.

He is a mean brut from the wrong side of the tracks and a real hell raiser. Don’t cross me or him or he’ll get you. See his face; he is a real mean dude!

Hanging out with my crew in the hood, Murphy,
Bad-girl Josie

1 comment:

  1. Josie, seriously, this needs to stop. You and Murphy will not being doing any trouble making moments now and any other time.